Healthy Living

Healthy living

While we spend an average of 65%* of our time at home, it’s no surprise that our mental, physical and social wellbeing can be affected by where we eat, sleep and relax.


The traditional focus of a home being a place of shelter, warmth and security is changing. The environmental influence is coming into the design balance and how building design can offer positive health benefits to homeowners.

Based on Passivhaus energy performance principles, the Cygnus design concept focuses on a building that benefits from natural lighting, clean air and minimal heat requirements.


*UK Green Building Council, Health and Wellbeing in Homes, July 2016

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Natural lighting

We welcome light into our homes with large floor-to-ceiling windows. Natural light is known to promote a sense of wellbeing, improving our body’s circadian rhythm and overall performance, while helping us produce vitamin D and fight disease.

Air quality

Good ventilation is encouraged to help reduce the likelihood of allergies and asthmatic symptoms. The E-Smart technology within the central E-Riser monitors CO2, VOC and humidity levels, thereby improving the air that we breathe.

Comfortable heating

With high levels of insulation, tripled glazed windows and smart setting controls, you’ll benefit from an efficiently heated house that respects the environment.

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