Healthy living

Whether you are a homeowner or tenant, the design and quality of your home is a key factor in promoting your health and wellbeing.

Cygnus homes are designed to promote positive environmental benefits, with plenty of natural daylight, excellent ventilation and filtration systems, high energy efficiency and practical living space.

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Letting the light in is just one of the factors that enhances our healthy homes


Smart technology

The Cygnus home is based around a central unit that positions all utilities in the same place. This unique technology, known as the Cygnus E-Riser Module, is the core component in delivering a home that’s both smart in performance and value.

Energy performance and consumption in the home is monitored and controlled via CygNet Pro, our specially designed smartphone app – helping you to reduce your energy costs and increase your comfort.


Our specially designed app gives you control of your heating and lighting at a touch of a button


Energy consumption

With our innovative approach to design, manufacture and construction the Cygnus home is at least 20% cheaper than the current market comparison. It’s also 100% better than the current building regulation standards for thermal performance.

It costs as little as £100 a year to heat a two-bed with four occupants

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Modular off-site manufacture

Cygnus homes are manufactured in controlled factory conditions. And can take as little as 10 weeks from order to completion. This ensures that we can consistently meet and maintain the high standards of construction assembly that is required to deliver our high-energy performance.

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We provide choice

Our homes have a range of options. With 16 floor plans and 100 configurations available for our 2, 3 and 4 bedroom accommodation, including terraced, semi-detached and linked detached homes.

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As little as £250 a year to run

We pay the energy bills for the first two years.

Our homes are designed to be energy efficient, so even after the first two years, you can be guaranteed that your energy consumption will be low.