Eco Friendly House: 5 Key Features

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Constructing an eco friendly house is something everyone should pursue. Regardless if you are designing a self build project or just looking to modernise your existing house, smart investment in eco friendly features can give you excellent advantages in the present as well as the future. Check out these 5 key features that every eco friendly house should have.

Renewable Energy

Converting to renewable energy sources is extremely important and it is something we should all be working towards. Over the years, we have become dependent on fossil fuels and this is having a severe effect on our environment. There are a number of great renewable energy sources available that you can incorporate into your eco friendly house:

These renewable energy sources enable you to provide your own energy cheaply while lowering your dependence on traditional energy sources. However, the installation cost of these renewable sources are more expensive, but the cost will be recovered in the long run by the savings made on energy bills.


Insulation is an important element of sustainable construction and making a more eco friendly house. If you want to substantially lower your energy bills, while cutting back on your use of conventional energy sources, you should definitely concentrate on upgrading the insulation of your home. Rather than going for traditional insulation, which can often contain unwanted chemicals, it is wise to opt for natural options instead. The following materials make for great eco friendly alternatives to conventional insulation materials:

Natural Ventilation and Lighting

A great way of reducing the amount of electricity you use is by creating a home that has excellent natural ventilation and lighting solutions. You want to make the most of the natural light by allowing it to come through large windows and light up your eco friendly house. You also want to use natural ventilation to keep fresh air flowing into your home all year round. Not only do these natural sources make your home more eco friendly, they also improve your mood and health.

Smart Appliances

You can significantly lower the energy consumption of your house by converting it to a smart home. Smart technology is now cheaper and easier to install than it has ever been. Smart thermostats can control and maintain the temperature in your house and change this depending on your habits. For example, the central heating can automatically be turned off while you are away from the house and be switched back on before you arrive back home. The same thing can be done for lighting.

Reclaimed wood

Incorporating reclaimed wood into your house contributes to the preservation of our forests. Rather than cutting down more trees, you can use recycled wood, which often has a lot of character, to build and decorate your home.Reclaimed wood from old buildings and aged furniture is usually from older trees, which makes it more durable, sturdier and less likely to distort than younger wood.